• Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Board of California


Finding Chelsea Storey to work with on several post-judgment matters, primarily related to custody, has been a blessing beyond measure. Her dedication to my case is impressive and comforting. I’ve known from the start I could trust Chelsea, her intentions, and her abilities completely. After two appearances, we’ve won on every point and matter on the table. I’ve got more to come and would not want to walk through this nightmare with any other counsel (I’ve worked with others and consulted with many).

Chelsea can make no promises regarding outcomes, but with every other element of family court being a wild card, you need someone like Chelsea on your side. She pulled all the random, tedious, and nutty details of my case together into a cohesive, logical, and convincing presentation. She is quick and assertive in the courtroom. I stood with her in the hallway after my case when the presiding judge stopped and commented on her level of professionalism.

One way to take care of yourself in the midst of a divorce proceeding is to call Chelsea Storey for a consultation.

— C.M.

“After 3 years, 3 attorneys, and almost $100,000 in legal fees, I was at the end of my rope. Somehow grace led me to Chelsea Storey. After the first phone call, I couldn’t wait to hire her. My instincts proved right as she immediately began to turn my case around. She is so smart and so efficient—she never misses a single detail. She is somehow able to see through the smoke and mirrors to the important details and very effectively and efficiently make her legal point. She responds very promptly to e-mails and phone calls and she really treats you like a human being, not just another case.

Since hiring Chelsea, so much of the stress has been lifted from me and I have been able, for the first time, to begin putting my broken life back together and planning a future that looks bright. I’m sure I will need an attorney on retainer for some time to come. I’m so happy and proud that she is representing me and my children!”

–Kari B.

“When you are fighting for the most important people in your life, you need a formidable ally.  I have had three previous high-powered, high-priced attorneys and interviewed many, many others, and none of them come close to Chelsea.  Not only is she a shrewd attorney, a deft strategist, and aggressive in the court room, but she is an amazing human being.  She truly cares about her clients.  You are not just “another case” for her in our very broken family court system. You are an important person and the outcome of your case matters to her personally, something you will not find with another attorney.  I have a very long road ahead in my battle, and knowing that I have Chelsea there to fight for me gives me incredible peace of mind.”

–Mrs. M

I am thrilled that I retained Chelsea Storey to assist me with my child custody case. Ms. Storey has been absolutely wonderful – from the first day I met her to discuss my case, to my last successful court hearing. She is always knowledgeable, organized and efficient. I am very detail-oriented and I have been disappointed in the past by attorneys who are not organized. Ms. Storey is always on top of every detail and I feel comfortable knowing I can trust her to get the job done correctly every time. Because of her expertise, my court request was granted and my family has a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start.

Besides her success in the courtroom, what I appreciate most about Ms. Storey is that she is extremely personable and approachable. She always has time for any questions I have and is incredibly easy to talk to. My only complaint is that I wish I would have met her sooner – I could have avoided many costly mistakes (and had much more peace of mind) with her by my side from the beginning of my case.

I feel lucky to have found Ms. Storey. Her combination of professionalism and personal touch has been a blessing to me and I am so, so grateful to have an attorney like her.

–Keisha P.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Ms. Storey was an exceptional ally as she navigated a contentious divorce process resulting in an amicable, “uncontested divorce” settlement. She is a skilled negotiator, knowledgable with the ability to clearly explain legal rights and legal options to find the ideal legal solution. She is assertive in her approach, open, honest, and the most redeeming factor; she is efficient. When she took on my legal matter I was confused about my current legal status and had many questions. She was patient and took the time to listen both to the problems and to my desired outcome. On every point Ms. Storey insured the law was used as a vehicle to help me reach the best possible outcome!

She untangled a messy web including custody, the division of assets, real estate, taxes, debt, and a cash settlement. I highly recommend Ms. Storey to any individual who has a legal question! She will find the most effective and efficient solution.

— Cristina M.
Laguna Beach, CA

Ms. Storey represented me in my child custody/divorce matter. She was completely dedicated to my case. I definitely recommend Ms. Storey completely. She resolved every issue and concern I had.

–LeighAnn R.
Orange County, CA

I retained Chelsea Storey to assist me in a child custody and child support case following a bad and expensive experience with a previous attorney. From the 1st phone call, it was obvious that Ms. Storey was the attorney I had been looking for.  She listened to my needs and concerns, provided me with legal guidance and recommendations and immediately took the necessary legal action. Ms. Storey has been an ally during a very difficult time and my mind is at ease knowing that she is completely dedicated to my case and will do all that is needed to ensure the best possible outcome. I feel very fortunate to have found Ms. Storey and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personable, assertive, knowledgeable and caring attorney.

–Leslie R.
Orange County, CA

“I just won my move-away case with Chelsea! She was phenomenal in court – hit on every single point we had and we got everything we were asking for! I could not appear in court in person so I had to trust Chelsea completely, but there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she would fight hard for me and she did just that! I can’t thank you enough Chelsea – we did it!”

–K.P, Vista, CA